It’s time! Rocksheep is finally ready and going live!

It took a couple of weeks, or rather months, to get to this point. The idea to start a business with dyeing and designing was born a long time ago, but a day only has so many hours. With two “normal” jobs during the day, dyeing, designing, websiting, taxing, bureaucracying and all that fun is confined to weekends and evenings.

Rocksheep offers high-quality, handdyed yarns in a variety of weights and materials, all 100% mulesing-free! I use professional lightfast and washfast dyes and combine them to variegated colorways. I hope you love them just as much as I do! All skeins are re-skeined by hand, to give a better impression of what the knitted/crocheted fabric will look like.

So, I’m proud to present to you the brand new website, shops and Facebook page! Happy knitting, crocheting, spinning, felting and whatever your wooly passion may be!

Join the fun!

PS: I’d like to thank my dear fiancé and website-making teacher Hannes and photographer and good friend Hosch for their support!